We started with a true partnership.


When two people really click, everything else is easy. That’s how it is in business, friendship, marriage or — in our case — all of the above.

Reardon+Stewart is led by the husband-wife team of Nancy and Adam Stewart. While leading separate careers in the writing, editing and agency worlds, we often mused that if you put our distinct but complementary skill sets together, you would have the foundation for a pretty well-rounded marketing team.

Nancy took the first step. She founded Reardon+Stewart in January 2016, after turning down the opportunity to be Vice President of a growing content strategy firm. As a young mother of two boys, Nancy sought a healthier work-life balance with more flexibility. With the freedom to focus on her work and give clients close attention, Nancy set the groundwork for a boutique firm that focused on relationships and obsessed over the details.

Adam joined in 2018, bringing with him a keen sense of business development, account management and data-driven marketing strategies. Building on his experience working with MIT Executive Education at two previous agencies, Adam signed on our cornerstone client.

Our complementary skill sets mean our work relationship is more about passing the baton than stepping on toes.

nancy reardon stewart

Managing Partner of Creative Strategy


Adam Stewart

Managing Partner of Digital Strategy