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'Love Your Brand Experience' takes over Boston Long Wharf

BOSTON — Over 80 retailers, designers and entrepreneurs attended our first Love Your Brand Experience event at the Boston Marriott Long Wharf Saturday.

The event pulled together a superstar lineup of Boston’s leading brand specialists, pop-up experts and Instagram influencers. Attendees enjoyed a fast-paced program kicked off and moderated by our founder Nancy Stewart.

Nancy presented the first of five presentations by over 12 speakers and panelists — followed by a waterfront networking party, 1:1 brand consults and live demos of emerging technologies such as augmented reality retail apps.


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Reardon+Stewart announces 'Love Your Brand' event in Boston

BOSTON — Retail isn’t dead. But it is rapidly evolving. The Love Your Brand Experience at the Boston Marriott Long Wharf on Oct. 20, 2018 is a unique event highlighting the rise of experiential retail and immersive branding in Boston.

With a curated lineup of Bostonians who are re-thinking what a brand, product or store experience can and should be, the event will focus on activation strategies that bridge the divide between online engagement and the offline experiences that today’s consumers crave.

“Over the past decade, many brands assumed that online strategies alone could drive sales, which is why we’ve seen such a significant investment in e-commerce,” said Nancy Reardon Stewart, founder of Reardon+Stewart. “But that strategy doesn’t align with millennial purchasing behavior. Data shows over 75 percent of millennials prefer to spend money on experiences over products, which proves we’re investing in our lives offline more than people realize.”

I’m really excited about exposing retailers, designers and entrepreneurs to new ways of thinking about what an immersive brand experience can be.
— Nancy Stewart

Almost 70 percent of millennials believe attending a live event or experience makes them more connected to other people, according to a study by Harris Group and Eventbrite.

In other words, millennials may be the generation that launched social media, but online tactics alone do not fuel their loyalty, genuine brand excitement or actual investment. Rather, they function best as part of a larger brand strategy.

The event agenda will walk attendees from conception and engagement to activation and experience.


Speakers + Panelists

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Reardon+Stewart plans startup marketing conference for Summer 2018
Managing Partner Adam Stewart discussed Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies at the Realty Guild’s Annual Summit.

Managing Partner Adam Stewart discussed Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies at the Realty Guild’s Annual Summit.


PORTSMOUTH, NH — Our Learn to Think Like a Marketer summer event will be held June 16 at the Sheraton Harborside Hotel .

This robust, results-driven conference gives attendees an insider’s look at our unique approach to positioning, defining and launching successful brand campaigns.

We’ll de-mystify everything from websites messaging to social media and paid ads. Understand how to make smart, cost-effective investments in your marketing program that will achieve tangible results for your business.

The event is tailored to small business owners, entrepreneurs and start-up teams.

This summer event is our second Think Like a Marketer event after a successful program debut this past winter. The Reardon+Stewart team held three courses in January at the Essex Street Inn in Newburyport, drawing participants from south of Boston all the way up to Maine.

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