NESHCo 2019: Nancy Stewart speaking to hospital leaders on making websites more accessible to patients with disabilities


Reardon+Stewart is excited to be event sponsors and speakers at this year’s conference for the New England Society for Healthcare Communications. Each year, the top administrators and marketing professionals from hospitals and health systems across New England attend to stay ahead of marketing trends and learn new skills.

This year, founder Nancy Stewart will be speaking on best practices for removing website accessibility barriers for patients with disabilities. A hospital’s website should meet the standards for ADA compliance, just like its physical structure must include accommodations for patients with wheelchairs, etc.

People with disabilities rely on assistive devices to explore websites for necessary information. Most websites today actually fail accessibility audits because they are incorrectly formatted on the back end, making the content, video and images inaccessible to people with disabilities.
— Nancy Stewart

The past two years have seen an overwhelming number of class-action lawsuits brought against e-commerce companies, higher education sites and, in particular, hospitals and health systems.

In addition to discussing best practices for accommodating people with vision or hearing impairments, the presentation will also include design and content considerations for people with motor disabilities who cannot use a mouse or those with cognitive challenges (ADHD, sensory sensitivities, etc.).

Nancy will be speaking on Thursday, May 30 with co-presenter Gary Aussant, the Director of Digital Accessibility for Perkins Access, a division of the Perkins School for the Blind. Gary strongly believes that accessibility is the next 'green movement' and improving access to one’s digital channels positively impacts the brand and expands market reach.