Speaking Testimonials


Nancy is as passionate about marketing and helping small business owners as I am about my business. She makes nebulous concepts concrete and really creates a clear path between the small business owner and their prospective market.

The best money I’ve spent to build my business. I highly recommend Nancy and her firm.
— Phil Bailey
After sitting in on three classes now, I am amazed at the amount of useful information I’ve received. Nancy is passionate about what she does and it comes out in her leadership style. I am so glad I was able to take these Learn to Think Like a Marketer classes. They have already begun to change the direction of my business for the better!
— Peter Holt

Some of the best money I have ever spent on marketing! This workshop was just what I needed to take my own marketing to the next level.
— Gail Zona
Loved this Learn to Think Like a Marketer workshop. All of the information was useful and important and can certainly be implemented in my own business.
— Lizzie Andre

It was so helpful to learn about the latest trends in social media and discern what platforms are best to use to market my business.
— Leslie Voss
This was even better than I expected! Nancy gave great information and provided great examples to drive the concepts home ... Nancy rocks!